Dear Whistler

Traditionalists may be pleased to hear that 20th Century service still exists at The Good Companions. There the days of good old fashioned suspicion of customers is alive and well. It can be a long wait buying a drink, and the amateurish cry of “who’s next?” is always heard. And if there’s a problem, like a cloudy pint, a ‘supervisor’ is called to pass judgement on your taste, in front of others waiting. The bar staff can’t do it on their own initiative. When I asked why this happens I was told that customers ask to change drinks that are perfectly OK. And it happens all the time. The supervisor was unable to suggest a reason why customers would want to do this. (My suggestion that it may be because the drink isn’t right baffled him). Do they taste meals that aren’t right before returning them to the kitchen?

Has anyone else experienced their premium prices and discount service?

Alastair Herbert, Terminus Street

[The manager of The Good Companions was given the opportunity to respond to this letter – Ed]

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