A new online service, Storemates.co.uk matches people needing storage with local people who have space in their homes to rent as storage space. Users can search for people in their local area seeking to rent out their attic, garage, spare room, or shed as storage space, saving them the costs of expensive commercial self storage.

Aspiring to be the ‘eBay of storage’ and the first of its kind, Storemates offers cheap, convenient storage spaces in Brighton with virtually no carbon foot print. In an economic downturn where even those who have larger properties are feeling the squeeze, earning an extra £80 a month through renting out half an attic can be a welcome help. Similarly, those who cannot afford to move and rely on storage to house their non-essential items can make considerable savings compared to commercial self-storage. Registered users list and search for storage space for free. Rental fees are typically less than half that of commercial self-storage and the site puts in place legal and practical safeguards to prevent any abuses of trust. When two people become ‘Store Mates’ the storage provider pays a one-off introduction fee equal to the first 2 weeks rent which they get back once they start earning.

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