Letters to The Whistler

Dear Editor

Why not ask your local pub to put on some live music? The Live Music Act takes effect on the 1 October 2012, allowing many more pubs, restaurants, wine bars and workplaces to put on live or recorded music with Morris dancing or similar without much hassle. The Act exempts venues with a capacity of 200 persons or fewer from the need to obtain a local authority licence for the performance of live music between 8am and 11pm. That does include amplified music that might annoy the neighbours. There is no audience limit for performances of un-amplified acoustic music apart from limiting punter numbers for fire safety.
Andy McGuinness

Dear Whistler

Thought you may be interested to see what is going up in the local area! Wooden chimney pots lined with silver foil! Beware anyone who buys this cheap nonsense in Upper Gloucester Street / St Nicholas Road. Oh dear!
Lorraine Bowen

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