Name Competition

The FedThe Fed’s Embrace Information Project is gathering information about groups, clubs and social activities on offer in neighbourhoods across Brighton and Hove. They are launching a website, searchable by postcode, which will show people all the great stuff happening. If you are involved, support or attend a group such a lunch club, coffee morning or arts group in your area they’d love to hear from you.

Call them on 01273 208934 and tell them all about what you do. They will advertise your activity on the website for FREE! Or enter your details on the website www.thefedonline.org.uk

They need your creative ideas to help them come up with a snappy name for the new website.

You could win a meal for two (value £75) at a restaurant of your choice if your entry is chosen.

Please submit your suggestions, with your contact details, by the 30 September either by email to embrace@thefedonline.org.uk or by freepost to
Embrace Project
Brighton & Hove Federation of Disabled People
Montague House

A panel will choose the name by the end of October and the winner will also be invited as a VIP guest to the “big reveal” launch event in November, where the name website name will be announced.

For further information or if you have any questions please contact Jen Stear on 01273 738632 or email Jen.stear@thefedonline.org.uk

About the Fed
The Brighton and Hove Federation of Disabled People was started in 1981 to provide a body that would promote the independence and dignity of disabled people making sure than when services were being planned and developed, disabled peoples views were heard. It is this ethos, which the Federation represents today.

The Federation is run by disabled people and works closely with local organisations and service providers to advocate better transport, ensure that disabled people are invited to join committees and forums and look at ways for disabled people to be recognised as part of the community rather than being on the fringe.

They provide training and support to all their volunteers and staff and always involve those who have actual experience of the issues with which they deal.

The Federation takes a positive approach to the removal of barriers for disabled people and looks more at what people can do, as opposed to what they can’t do.

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