The Arts

Oska Bright Film Festival

As part of the BBC and Arts Council England’s on-demand digital arts channel, The Space (, Oska Bright can broadcast its achievements globally and offer a range of new interactive opportunities for everyone.

Oska Bright’s The Digital Space ( re-imagines the festival through a new online portal. Visitors can select a variety of films, music and digital art to watch, listen to and view. There are Forty + Oska Bright short films in all genres, specially selected music tracks and an inter-active art gallery. People are encouraged to vote for their favourite Oska Bright film for an award, curate a jukebox of tracks, stream their own mix on the site, create and upload images and clips. The Digital Space is easy to access for people with learning disabilities and a lively place for all artists to engage with technology, make their own creative decisions and give their work a high profile. Please visit the website at

2012 marks Carousel’s 30th year of working creatively with learning disabled artists. Help them continue to challenge perceptions of what art is and who can create it – visit to learn more about Carousel and how you can help.

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