The Arts

Paint the Pub Competition

Vote for your Favourite Picture at the Duke of Wellington, Upper Gloucester Road
Competition runs October-December

Members of the Dupont Art Club at The Duke of Wellington

A group of local artists is taking part in a ‘Paint the Pub’ competition organised at the Duke of Wellington pub, Upper Gloucester Road, Brighton. Members of the Dupont Art Club, which displays ongoing exhibitions in the pub, are competing to find the most popular painting of the Duke of Wellington, voted for by the customers. The paintings will include both interior and exterior scenes. Entries will be displayed at the pub from October to December. Each painting will be numbered but the artists will remain anonymous. A voting box and voting slips will be available for customers to vote for their favourite picture.

The votes will be counted and the results of the competition will be announced prior to Christmas and the winning artist will be presented with a bottle of champagne from the landlord, Martin Donovan. All pictures will be for sale at the end of the competition. Pop in for a drink and vote for your favourite.

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