West Hill Conservation area plans

Brighton Station

Improvements to the listed Mocatta building and the station concourse are generally welcomed but there are concerns that the removal of the taxi rank to make way for more retail units by the south entrance will inconvenience passengers and residents, whilst taking trade from local shops.

A bizarre idea to remove the station forecourt canopy is being considered; the idea is to give visitors “a sense of arrival”. Perhaps the plan is to force people to take shelter in the forecourt’s new shops and spend some money whilst they work out how to find a taxi.

West Hill Road

It is pleasing to note that several of the 19thcentury houses in this road have recently restored timber framed sash windows to match the original designs. On the other hand a householder in Gloucester Road has run foul of the planning authority by fitting plastic windows and doors. It may well prove to be an expensive mistake and a reminder to others contemplating major building work to consult the City Council first.

Crown Gardens

An application has been made to demolish a detached three bedroom house, which is next to the rear of the Masonic Temple in Queen’s Road, and replace it with three town houses each with three bedrooms. No plans for the proposed houses seem to be available online; it must be assumed that the proposed rooms will be rather small!
Jim Gowans

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