Month: January 2013


A series of short workshops started in January at West Hill Hall for people who want to try out new ways of creating sounds and music. The series has an overall theme of group improvisation and individual sessions may be attended. Each of the 90-minute sessions uses a […]

Letters to the Whistler

Dear Editor I have been reading the various suggestions for improvements to the Seven Dials junction and Brighton station with great interest. In the long term, the only solution to traffic congestion is to build an underground railway, such as that which exists in London. I am aware […]

One Man’s Journey

Some readers of The Whistler may remember that in an earlier edition I wrote about my obsession with jazz, which began in the 1950s. Recently I came upon an obituary in The Guardian (24.10.2012) which took me back to those years. As I learned more about jazz I […]