A life in the day

City College Prince’s Trust Team Leader, Kyle Holman, writes…

The Prince’s Trust Team rolling programme challenges 15 local young people as a team to believe in themselves, complete goals and gain direction. We deliver the course during an all-consuming 12 weeks.

My day starts with a chat with the baby at breakfast. Commuting from Crawley to City College with the radio on means I can pick up local news stories relevant to the young people. During an hour’s meeting with the student social worker and volunteer assistants we catch up on latest social barriers, progress and agree our day’s focus. We update our Facebook Group about the day’s plans, check messages, email partnership workshop providers, then prep our resources.

9:30am: Open Door policy applies. Team members who may want a supportive chat, or independent work can come in. Our free Breakfast Club seems pretty successful at preparing the Team for the day.
10am: We become a hub of activity – discussions, phone calls, emails. We are currently organising activities for an over-60s social club. Let’s be honest, morning is when most work gets done.

Lunchtime: Rarely a break. Young people don’t seem to like being away from the structure the programme gives their day. Often I help them find work placements, catch up on qualification work, act as a wall for them to bounce ideas off.

Afternoon: a guest speaker from the Job Centre exploring employment issues with members. Today’s special: it’s Southampton for ‘Celebrate Success Awards’, which recognises young people’s outstanding achievements. My nominee finalist won for achieving a personal breakthrough. Overcoming personal and home life challenges, she secured an Apprenticeship with the Job Centre. Fingers crossed she’ll reach the Nationals – she might meet Prince Charles himself. We are very proud of her.

Finally, it’s home for bath time with baby. Then it’s TV while updating the Team Facebook with training or job opportunities. The Prince’s Trust charity helps young people to be their own agents of change, so although we technically run a college course, we’re not teachers – more life coaches. For more information please visit: http://www.ccb.ac.uk/public/courses/princes-trust

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