Brighton Science Festival 2013

WhistlerdnaFrom before the cradle to beyond the grave

This year the Brighton Science Festival straddles four weekends for four very good reasons.

Firstly (Feb 9-10) All of Life

Science has proved what we always knew: the most important thing in life is sex (Robin Ince’s Dirty Book Club, Friday Feb 8 and The Science of Sex, Saturday Feb 9). We also celebrate the 60th anniversary of the unravelling of life’s blueprint, DNA. Like a bomb that won’t stop exploding, the double helix is still blowing our minds six decades later (DNA DAY, Sunday Feb 10).

Secondly (Feb 16-17) Bright Sparks

The weekend brings the family together for a stream of hands-on workshops and demos, every one an eye-popper. Hissing cockroaches, reptiles, sheep patting, edible geology, science magic, a giant drawing machine in an action-packed weekend of live science.

Thirdly (Feb 23-24) White Heat

Designed with post-12s in mind – more demanding activities for a more demanding age. With zombies, practical jokes, vampires, robots, skateboard technology, the Incredible Machine and ingenious inventions in a weekend of creativity and scientific mayhem.

Finally (March 2-3) Le Geekend

The Big Science Weekend proves there’s nowhere in the world, or off it, which can’t astonish. Ben Goldacre, Richard Wiseman, entertainment from snails to Shakespeare, with a sliver of infinity and a drizzle of interpretive dance thrown in for good measure.

Half Term week (Feb18-22)

At the Latest Music Bar the week will be spent building a beach, sandcastles, deckchairs, seagulls and all, when there isn’t a break for games and forensics. At the Booth Museum you will be looking at microscopes and dinosaurs. At the Blind Tiger you can find out how to fool your taste buds. At the Phoenix there are demonstrations of the art of paint restoration.

Details of everything are online at www.BrightonScience.com

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