Ancient Elm Tree at the Seven Dials

Does anyone else see anything horribly wrong with this?

I voted for the Green Party to support their wonderful policies on the environment and caring for our city; but only yesterday, I received a letter (dated 13/2/13) stating the schedule of works for my local area. Hidden amongst the details of changes to be made, it says: “Full closure of Vernon Terrace on approach to Seven Dials (for tree removal) to take place on the 4th of March.”

After reviewing the blueprints online, I realised the tree they plan to ‘remove’ is an ancient Elm tree that has been there for hundreds of years. This magnificent tree is home to a number of different birds including Nightingales, Corncrakes and Robins which have sung there long before any car was ever invented.

Previously, there were 3 Elm trees along this stretch of road, but due to Dutch elm disease, two have been lost already. This last remaining tree must be saved. It is not being cut down for any other reason than the sheer greed of humanity and the complete disrespect we have come to have for our planet and everything it gives to us.

After speaking to Robin Reed, Principal Transport Planner for Brighton & Hove this morning; he tells me that the council plan to plant 10 more trees in its place. However, this is not included in written timetable of changes proposed for the area, nor does a promise from the Green Party mean a thing. My concern is that once the changes have been made and the area has been developed, the funds will either run low or be spent elsewhere; such as 20mph signs for the city and traffic lights every 100 yards along the coast road.

I may not be able to stop this tree being cut down, we may have been misguided and fooled by our local council for one month too many. But I will not be voting Green again and I will encourage each and every member of the city to do the same.

Yours faithfully,

D. Collins
Seven Dials Resident