Heritage Assets

Brighton & Hove City Council is currently carrying out a review of the Local List of Heritage Assets. This is a list of buildings, parks and gardens considered to be of special interest, because of their local historic, architectural, landscape or townscape value. They are inviting nominations for historic buildings, parks and gardens you consider to have special local interest. Nominations are open until 28 April 2013.

Further information is available on the heritage webpages www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/local-list, including a guidance document and a copy of the current local list. The guidance document sets out what a local heritage asset is, the implications of local listing, the selection criteria and how to get involved. The guidance document also provides information on where you can undertake historic research.

Nominations are invited via the consultation portal, consult.brighton-hove.gov.uk/portal. Jim Gowans thinks the Providence Chapel in West Hill Road may be a candidate. We think the West Hill Hall in Compton Avenue, which was built in 1896 may be another. What do you think?

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