After Della sent us her letter in February, things moved on apace [Ed]

The events of the last few days have shown that residents are appalled by the decision, but at least it looks like we’ve bought some time. I was there at 6am on Thursday morning to prevent the tree cutters from getting near it, together with a handful of very courageous people standing in the cold and rain. I wanted to give moral support to the two guys who ended up spending 2 nights and 2 days up in the tree. I provided them with hot water bottles whenever they were cold, and as more people came by more and more food/drink was brought along. I also made 2 “Save Our Tree” banners with the table cloth we used at our wedding last year, one for our window on Vernon Terrace and one to hang on the tree.

D Collins, Vernon Terrace

Dear Whistler

With ref to your February front page, as I’m sure many people will have pointed out, “cropped up” is not an irregular verb. Nor is “watch out.” Compound verbs, phrasal verbs, yes – but both completely regular.

Nick Szczepanik, Football writer

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