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I used to have piano lessons when I was young and did not enjoy them much. I remember my teacher treated the lessons as a chore, with the result that so did I, and I soon gave them up. Now that I am old, I have taken up learning the piano again and I am enjoying every minute of my weekly 30 minute session with Clare Harms, whose advert we run on page 2 of The Whistler. I was only thinking about taking up music again but I had no excuse to delay when Clare got in touch and asked to place an advert. Here was an opportunity to sample at first hand one of our advertised services.

Clare is a talented artist as well as a classically trained ABRSM (the exam board of the Royal Schools of Music) Grade 8 pianist, with over 10 years of piano teaching experience. Her teaching style is relaxed, patient and encouraging and I love the way she adds layers gradually into each piece that I am learning. Her lessons match each individual’s musical aims, and she is experienced in both preparing students for ABRSM exams as well as motivating students to play simply for their own pleasure – like me.

She’s been playing the piano since she was 8 – no giving up for her – and she loves nothing more than helping people to enjoy playing the piano as much as she does.

Colette Wilson

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