Spotted round the Dials

After 20+ years at the Seven Dials, Kevin John of Classic Cuts at 64 Dyke Road is hanging up his scissors and returning to his home town of Liverpool. Kevin has cut hair across many generations of Brightonians – many of his clients were brought in as children to have their hair cut, they continued as adults, and then brought in their kids for Kevin’s famous cuts. He’s been a sounding board and a father confessor to many. We’ll miss him.
The wonderful thing about the Dials is that it keeps going round and round (let’s hope that continues once all the road lanes have been narrowed) and so it’s goodbye to Kevin but hello to Alex Burt, who has opened Teddy Edwards Barbers at 83 Dyke Road – just opposite Classic Cuts. Alex has a great smile – he will fit right in!

Ever resourceful in their fundraising ideas, the Martlets Hospice (which needs to raise over £4m annually) is rolling out its Mobile Phone Recycling Scheme, which already operates in each of the Martlets shops, to local schools and businesses. Through this scheme funds are raised for the Martlets as well as helping developing countries that have no telephone landline infrastructure and it will mean a significant saving for UK landfill. Sixteen schools have signed up so far – is your school one of them? See more information at
If news of the elm’s threatened demise came as a shock to you, there may be more things planned by the Council of which you are unaware. For example, the Brighton & Hove City Plan (Part 1) was agreed at council on 31 January. It sets out the strategic plan and policies for the future of the city. The Plan and all documents can be viewed on the council’s website They can also be viewed with an online response form on the council’s consultation portal at: The consultation period ends on Friday 12 April – have a look, have your say. If we’ve learnt anything from the ancient elm episode, it’s no use being wise after the event.

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