Month: May 2013

Jeff Koons

The Whistler – June 2013

UPDATES Looking back in The Whistler archives, we found a story dated January 1997: “The final proposals for the improvements to Brighton Station are being considered…there has been a slight delay…but if all goes to plan, the officers hope that the improvements will start on the site in […]

Meeting Mums

Meeting Mums is a weekly drop-in meeting for mums (with or without their babies and toddlers). Meeting Mums is a space where we can talk, share, recharge, listen, be heard or just wonder around. Joy, exhaustion, anxiety and overwhelming unconditional love, emotions all mothers have to embrace. What […]

Train Dead – The Weekend

This week Andrew Osbourne-Smythe gives us an insight into how he relaxes over a weekend. Commuting can take its toll on the nerves. Monday to Friday I have to suffer the constant rudeness of people invading my half of the train seat arm rest in an enduring territorial […]

Treasure Hunt

West Hill Treasure Hunt

The gorgeous Dorothy Lamb and the handsome Jack Jackson are devising a Treasure Hunt on Saturday 20th July – meet at West Hill Hall at 1:45pm and set off from 2pm. Treasures Hunts are a great way to explore the local area – they introduce you to things […]

Right Here

Has your child experienced mental health issues, or strugged with their mental and emotional wellbeing? The Right Here project is keen to meet with you to hear your experience and advice, which will be vital in helping to shape a new support guide for parents and carers in […]