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EmporiumBuilt in 1894 and designed by Architect James Weir, the Methodist chapel at 88 London Road, Brighton, opened on February 21st 1895. The original façade was rather Gothic and church-like. In 1910 the building was extended with the addition of a new façade built roughly 4 metres in front of the original, which was left in situ and merely ‘boxed in’.

Then, later still, in 1938 the façade was remodelled in cement to the present-day version. The church closed in 2006 when it was sold to the current owners. Except for a brief take-over by squatters in 2008 it remained empty since then, waiting for a new purpose, waiting for Emporium, a new professional theatre for Brighton.

Emporium is home to theatre, a canteen, a bar, and exhibitions.

The canteen is open all day, every day, serving a range of healthy meals, snacks and indulgent treats. All within the grandeur of a wonderful old church. There may even be the opportunity to spy on dress rehearsals or eavesdrop on canteen performances and classes.

Exhibitions offer a chance to peek behind the scenes at incredible props, stunning theatre costumes and set pieces from famous movies.

The bar is the place to relax, socialise and network. Open every evening, whether or not there is a show. Add to this a jam-packed programme of classes and workshops run by theatre and movie experts, for professionals and enthusiasts of all ages and you have Emporium. The place for lovers of film and theatre to relax, network and get creative.

James Weisz and Gary Blair are the duo behind Emporium, launched on May 8 with their inaugural season during and after the Festival. For up-to-date listings see, email or call 07580 716575

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