The Whistler – June 2013

Jeff Koons



Looking back in The Whistler archives, we found a story dated January 1997:

“The final proposals for the improvements to Brighton Station are being considered…there has been a slight delay…but if all goes to plan, the officers hope that the improvements will start on the site in October.”

Well, 15 years later, the plans are still being discussed. As part of the latest Brighton Station Gateway project there was a proposal to create a taxi rank in Frederick Place and feed it up via Trafalgar Street but due to the objections from the North Laine Community and Traders Associations, the plans have been rejected and the Council has agreed that taxis will be retained in their current location. It’s a shame as the congestion and delays around the station at peak times are chronic. The project team has promised to work  with Southern Railway to try and ensure taxis are better managed in future, perhaps through re-investing some of the current station permit income in a marshalling system and ensuring some of the engineering aspects of the current arrangement (such as the pedestrian crossing on the taxi entry road that seems to hold taxis up more than it helps pedestrians) are tackled.

As most people will have heard, the Council’s Transport Committee voted to approve a modification to the Seven Dials improvement scheme that will keep the elm tree without compromising safety at the adjacent crossing in Vernon Terrace. The pavement will be built out around the tree, widening the footway and improving the visibility of pedestrians waiting to cross. A happy end to a well-run campaign. Tree cheers.

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