West Hill Treasure Hunt

Treasure HuntThe gorgeous Dorothy Lamb and the handsome Jack Jackson are devising a Treasure Hunt on Saturday 20th July – meet at West Hill Hall at 1:45pm and set off from 2pm. Treasures Hunts are a great way to explore the local area – they introduce you to things you may have never seen before, even though you may pass them every day.

This Treasure Hunt is designed to be intriguing but not too difficult – suitable for the whole family or a team of friends to join in and a great way to spend a sunny (please) Saturday afternoon. A treasure hunt is a game in which participants follow a set of directions and discover clues to help solve a puzzle en route. Prizes are awarded.

To register your interest, please write to whwhistler@aol.com or let Jack in Bright News know. Pre-registration will help us to work out how many copies of the clues we’ll need on the day.

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