Brighton Healthwalks

Brighton Healthwalks

Brighton Healthwalks

Back in November 2003, Brighton & Hove Healthwalks provided its very first walk to a handful of people in East Brighton Park. Ten years later the scheme has a programme of 15 weekly walks which are attended by around 1,000 people in the city every year.  Over this time, Healthwalkers have travelled 250,000 miles on the walks – that’s the equivalent of walking to the moon!

Healthwalks are short, social walks with the emphasis on improving health and socialising. 80% of people who walk with the scheme regularly say that it has benefitted their physical or mental health, and a third say it has helped them with an existing health condition. 95% said they had formed new friendships on the walks.  The walks are led by a team of trained Volunteer Walk Leaders, who give up about 4,000 hours of their time each year to providing walks for local people.

A special anniversary programme of fantastic walks and events is running through the Summer and Autumn with 30 special one-off walks running until the end of  October. They include wildlife and historical themed walks, and the chance to walk your way around the whole of Brighton & Hove with their 6-part ‘Round the City Challenge Walk’. All the walks are free, and the programme can be downloaded via www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/healthwalks10 or you can contact the Healthwalks office (01273 292564 / healthwalks@brighton-hove.gov.uk) if you would like to order printed copies for your home or workplace.


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