Dear Whistler
I read the last edition with interest about the neighbours dismayed at the work being started at Buckingham Lodge. We live right opposite so our view will be blocked and our privacy invaded. What I would like to know is how they got permission to do this when our dear Green Council wants all windows in residential properties looking the same, otherwise it spoils the ‘conservation area’. Well, maybe they should look at the state of some of the properties in the area surrounding West Hill to see the state of some of the windows, walls etc and different painted front doors. Consider, also, the dreadful building next to the old children’s hospital and the terrible glass building at the private school in Montpelier Road. How they are in keeping with a conservation area beats me. It seems like it’s one rule for the big guns and another for others. We are waiting for new windows in our property to be done, hopefully in August this year, going from casement windows to sash cord. How can they say we are having UPVC windows in the back and not the front as they will not be in keeping with the area? Does that mean that the back of the building is not a conservation area?
Celia J Steer

Dear Readers
It has been some time since I have been able to contribute to The Whistler due to ill health. I am not completely out of the woods yet but I am making progress. I was pleased to see the amount of support that various issues in the Seven Dials had obtained from local and other areas. The issue of the elm had amazing support. Well done to Millie and her followers without whom I am sure the tree would have been felled long ago. The Seven Dials traffic flow is quite good at the moment but of course this is before the roundabout has been enlarged. It will remain to be seen what effect it will have once it is enlarged. I filmed the traffic flow before the work started and can report that on a Saturday afternoon at 3pm the rate of flow was about one vehicle per second, or 3600 per hour. I will film it again after the changes have been made and compare the traffic flow then. Since some of the barriers have been removed I have observed people crossing at non-designated places as I predicted. I suspect that there will be some accidents due to this especially when the roundabout is finished. The matter of the waste bins being increased and taking away yet more parking bays is of great concern to me and I will do what I can to try and prevent parking spaces being removed unnecessarily. I have not been able to attend the last few Transport Partnership meetings but will report anything I can when I am able to attend again. Please contact me at theppp@gmx.com or phone 07768 002328 between 11am & 6pm.
Steve Percy, (chairman) PPP

Dear Whistler Readers
After many years of toiling in the restaurant kitchens of Brighton we decided it was time to do something ourselves. A small, simple space where we could prepare and cook freshly-made and well-sourced food. We think we found the ideal place here on the Seven Dials, a neighbourhood of independent shops, restaurants and cafés with that particular Brighton feel.

We open at 9am for your morning coffee and freshly-basked croissant (supplied by the Real Patisserie) or our own wonderful almond croissants.

At lunch we have a daily changing menu of soups, salads, filled focaccias, stuffed Lebanese flatbreads and hot dishes. And in the afternoon a selection of delicious cakes, all made by us.
In our little shop you will also find Classic cookbooks and Kitchenalia for sale, to help and inspire you to make some wonderful at home.

Whether it is for takeaway lunch or to sit at our kitchen table for coffee and cake, we look forward to seeing you soon. Kind Regards.
Stuart Graves, The Kitchen Table

Dear Editor
I was so proud to live in West Hill Road during the recent bin-men strike where residents at the south end took care not to add to the full communal bin. I understand that a community-minded resident kept an eye on it and cleared away the very few bags that were left. This was in stark contrast to the rest of the West Hill area where people just kept throwing bags on top of others in the road. Poor John from the Sussex Yeoman and his neighbours had to contend with a stinking mess outside the pub. What’s the matter with people that they would continue to do this? Have they no pride in their environment? What’s your take on sneaky people who leave stuff which they should obviously take to the tip BESIDE the communal bins? Not only do they break the by-law by depositing their unwanted/broken keyboards, fridges, mattresses, shelves by the bin, they then compound the selfish deed by not even putting them INSIDE the bin, so someone else has to deal with it.
Name and address supplied

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