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I have been fortunate enough to have use of the building at the Seven Dials which used to be Tomorrow’s World, as a ‘pop up’ shop. I have been a successful artist for 22 years, selling from a local business that I used to co-manage, and I have exhibited in cafés, bars and galleries throughout Sussex. I paint various subjects in acrylics and other mediums. I also ‘up-cycle’ furniture and paint murals and write blackboards.

My first piece of art was a mural I painted in my son’s room when he was a baby. After the reaction I received from friends and family, I decided to take my hobby further and see what else I could create. I have painted all sorts of things from plant pots to dolls houses! I will undertake any commission I feel I can do to a professional finish. “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well” my dear old Dad used to say! I have followed that all my working life…

My aim is to set up a business to offer all these artistic services in the knowledge that our customers can be proud to showcase a piece of art or a mural in their houses, or equally, in their businesses. Murals and furniture can be painted to the client’s own ideas or a collaboration, or, indeed, we are happy to suggest styles/colours and create from mood boards provided by the client.

At first, the idea was to display my own art and furniture but the interest has grown from fellow artists and I have now been able to rent space to them. There is a lot of interest from local people too, we have had sales of furniture and paintings/artworks alike. The general opinion is that the Seven Dials really needs some art and it is nice to see something different here. We have regulars who like to come and see new artists’ work. All this is temporary as the cost involved in running the shop is too much for me alone, so I have had my thinking cap on and decided to put the word out for any fellow artists (especially a sculptor) who would like to come into the business and run it as a co-operative. You can email me at with your information and photos of your work.

We are taking it in turns to work in the shop and are currently open 4 days a week, Wednesdays thro Saturdays 10am to 4pm. Once we are fully staffed we will open 7 days, each working on a rotational basis allowing us to have plenty of time to carry on creating! There is a space in the back of the shop which can be used to paint…allowing customers to see the artists in action and meet them personally. Come along and see what we are all about…oh, and bring some cash, just in case!

Keren Bevis

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