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Back to School Day

Charlotte Hastings, Sessional Lecturer for City College cookery and entertaining courses, muses on returning to Autumn routines of preparing good food …
Phew! Summer holidays over and ready for school’s rhythm and routines. The day starts with tender brown toast, dowsed in butter and marmite, topped with softly poached egg. The quiet sounds of morning munching remind me how lucky I am to live in a world that thought up marmite, that had a friend who showed me how good it is with egg, and how happy I am to get everyone off to school with a strong breakfast that is so tasty and easy!

Now onto the lunches. The eldest has asked how to make a wholesome salad, complete with seeds, lentils and grains for her lunch (I think the years of nudging/nagging are beginning to pay off…?) We work at it together, grating carrot, chopping broccoli, gathering nuts…until she’s happy with a rather pretty box of healthy power! I believe that cooking for yourself (with a little help) inspires calm confidence and is the first step into a creative day.

Attention now turns to my own day with food. I’m preparing for a busy term with my Ayervedic detox: 10 days of the magic mung bean dhal… it’s wonderfully tasty, packed full of incredibly clever ingredients that cleanse, heal and rebalance the system… It’s always daunting to start but Autumn is a good time and it sure does focus the mind on the value of good food!

I’m going to treat us all to my good friend Risotto for dinner! Adoring her for the delicious way she turns yesterday’s roast chicken into today’s comfort-feast (she’s my favourite dish to teach), I’m always tickled by how easy this ‘special’ meal is – her attention-seeking is forgiven as she allows dreaming time while stirring, is delighted to be dressed as you choose, and only uses one cooking pot!

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