The Whistler – October 2013

Fruity Season of Mellow Concerts not to be Missed
Fruity Season of Mellow Concerts not to be Missed


STOP PRESS: Unfortunately, the classical music concert on 11 October has been cancelled due to ill health, but the one on 25 October will go ahead as planned.

West Hill Hall has said goodbye to two long term regulars this Autumn. Judi Campbell, who has run Drama Workshops on Saturday mornings, has decided to retire after 13 years, and Poppy Tamara, who has been running the Mini Movers dance group for toddlers on Thursday mornings for 3 years has also decided to pack up her music box. We wish them well. West Hill Hall has been standing for over 100 years and has seen many groups come and go.

The Hall has a long waiting list for the popular weekday evening slots, and now we can offer these two Thursday and Saturday morning slots for regular bookings. If you’re interested in hiring the Hall please email with details of what you’d like to use it for. We have many different groups at the Hall: after a summer break, we are happy to see Monique and Mirelle and their Sensory Baby Hub back on Mondays, and Meeting Mums on Wednesday afternoons. Meeting Mums is a weekly drop-in meeting for mums (with or without their babies and toddlers) where they can talk, share, recharge, listen, be heard or just wander around. We also welcome newcomer Paul Collins who is running a guided meditative practice of self enquiry early evening on Mondays. See full details of regular activities in the Hall right here

We also offer the Hall for one-off activities. After a disastrous party last October, when the Hall was left in a horrendous state, we’ve introduced a no-adult party policy but children’s parties are really popular and we’re already taking repeat bookings for next year. When the kids reach 13 years old they’re going to have to find somewhere else! Together with treasure hunts, quizzes, meditation workshops, dance classes, rehearsals, seminars, recording and photography sessions, there’s no end to what the Hall can be used for in a responsible way. We restrict amplified music evenings to a maximum of two weekends per month with selected music promoters.

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