West Hill Treasure Hunt

Helios and his celestial entourage shone kindly on the assembled throng one Saturday in July to herald the first WHCA Treasure Hunt of the decade. Fourteen teams of varying ages and numbers paid their modest entry fees and set off to complete the Whistle(r)-stop tour of the West Hill and its environs.

Prize money totalled £50 – the £25 kindly donated by the esteemed Mr Jackson, co-organiser of the event, was matched by the generous WHCA.

The winning team, ‘The Awesome’ claimed the first prize of £20, with the next three teams also winning cash prizes. A prize, donated by Neal’s Yard, was awarded for the team judged to have the best name – this was won by the ‘Raspberry Tickle Bears’, who also claimed bronze position in the Treasure Hunt.

It was, as Wallace might intone, ‘A grand afternoon out, Gromit!’ and the teams appeared keen for it to become an annual event. It would not have been such a success without the pedagogic panache of Colette, who expertly marked the answer sheets; Felix, Ruben and Sue who acted as marshals at strategic points on the route; Meena and Vinod of ‘Bright News’ who, with their customary beneficence, provided the refreshments and nibbles; the balloon blowers and, of course, most importantly, all the teams who participated.

A profit of almost £30 was made from the afternoon’s event, which will go towards production costs of ‘The Whistler’.

Local sponsorship for next year’s Treasure Hunt on Sunday 27 July at 2pm (put this date in your 2014 diary!) would be very welcome. If you are interested in helping out in any way at the event, please contact The Whistler.

Dorothy Lamb

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