Euro Christmas Cuisine

From The Whistler archive, 1990

France – the main meal is the réveillon which is served after midnight mass on Christmas Eve. Although it may comprise goose or turkey, shellfish and black pudding are also main components of the meal.

Spain – in towns a small pig is the most popular meal but in the provinces, lamb is favoured more. New Year causes more of a stir in Spain and presents are not exchanged until the Epiphany (6 January)

Germany – the traditional dinner is road goose or pork with red cabbage. However, the main dish at Christmas in many households is Carp cooked in beer which is always served on Christmas Eve.

Italy – capon is enjoyed throughout the country but ham en croute is a speciality. This is served with glace fruits in a mustard syrup.

Romania – church-going, folk-singing and dancing are as prominent as food over the festive period. Hams, sausages and stuffing are favourites, followed by a short period of strict fasting after the period of sheer gluttony.

C. Reeves

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