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I have been trying to get some idea as to the loss of parking spaces due to the proposed introduction of many more waste bins. In area ‘Y’ 30 permit-only spaces are to be removed along with 20 dual use bays, plus a possible few disabled bays.

I have spoken with the Head of Strategy and Projects who told me that final decisions were made during October. Various groups have raised issues over certain spaces being removed, with the result that some of those spaces are to be retained. I have been told that the waiting lists for permits are reducing, suggesting that some of us are giving up the car. I cannot quote any statistics on this until the Council’s next annual report.

The Council’s policy regarding bicycles parked on the pavement would appear to be changing as they intend to set up about a 100 spaces per year using some pavement space. Some parking spaces for cars have been lost to bicycle bays, but only a few throughout the town.

The most interesting change is being made to disabled bays. The Council is set to issue exclusive use of a bay to certain people who meet special criteria and a fee will be required to purchase this privilege. This will prevent the use of that bay by any other person with a blue badge. I imagine that a car registration number will be painted on the highway or a signpost. This, of course, would need to be altered if the owner changes the vehicle. Some Traffic Enforcement Officers have their doubts as to the workability of the proposed change and are forecasting confusion and problems if it is to be used.

I am also informed by quite a few residents who have been recycling since the home box collection started that they will not bother if they have to take their various containers any distance. I suppose if you have three or more boxes and you are not near a collection point then it could be difficult, especially in bad weather.

The Seven Dials project is well on the way to completion but it is now obvious that the large centre island will slow down the traffic flow. As soon as it is completed I will make a second video and compare the amount of traffic in and out of the Dials with the first one I made just before the start of the modifications.

You will be aware of the activity by other groups who are opposed to the present proposals for a blanket 20mph scheme. I have been invited to various meetings and am pleased that at last other people are taking some action to avoid a complete 20mph Brighton. I will report next time on my planned meeting with various Councillors and Members of Parliament.

One other issue that is a continuing pain is the inconsiderate car owners who insist on parking well in from the end bay marker in small streets such as those that are adjacent to Terminus Road. A parking place is lost in an already limited. If you are one of those people please park close to the lines. You are allowed to have a third of your vehicle over the line before committing an offence.
Contact me with your queries and problems via email address or phone me on 07768 002328 between 11am & 6pm.

Steve Percy, (chairman)
Peoples Parking Protest

One thought on “Parking News”

  1. Steve, it’s not a “blanket” 20 mph scheme and never has been. The council very clearly excluded a long list of roads from this recent consultation. Pro-motoring people continue to repeat this incorrect “blanket” description despite the facts. Most residents want 20 mph outside their front doors.

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