Scrooge’s Top Ten Tips

HollyFor those Brighton & Hove residents who celebrate Christmas, family tensions run high at this time of the year: apart from all that shopping and cooking, there’s the decision where to spend it – “But we go to your mother’s every year”. Boxing Day was invented for second options! Every year we insist that we will pull in the reins on spending but still bankrupt ourselves.

This year, try Scrooge’s Ten Tips for a cost-cutting Crimble, written by Sally May in 1995, with updates to reflect today’s options.

  1. Only send cards to people you don’t see regularly, to keep in touch. Just send everyone an email.
  2. Open presents carefully, reuse the paper next year. Wrap your presents in newspaper for that ‘eco-friendly’ touch.
  3. Re-wrap unwanted presents to give to Auntie Flo next year or sell them on ebay.
  4. Make your own crackers: start saving toilet roll insides now. Forget that palaver and get them from the £1 Shop; for extra saving, the 99p Shop.
  5. Don’t buy nuts: haven’t you got some left over from last year? Perennial.
  6. Sick of mince pies? Make you own meat minceless pies. Write to The Whistler for instructions or use your imagination.
  7. Save fuel – cook turkey for 2 days on a low gas. 22 days these days.
  8. Double up with someone else for Christmas lunch – you provide the veggies, they provide the turkey. Get others in to provide the dessert and cheese courses.
  9. Raise funds for Christmas expenses by carol singing the week before. Better start carol singing in January for next Christmas.
  10. On the day, do not have your first drink until after breakfast. Go to Aldi or Lidl and get some cheap lemonade-like Champagne as recommended (often) for hard-up readers by the Daily Mail.

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