Zumba Mami

My name is Jenny and I have started a day-time Zumba class at West Hill Hall where babies are welcome to come along and watch! Prams or car seats can be parked at the side of the hall, while mummies can go back and tend to little ones as and when needed. There is absolutely no pressure to stick to the routines at all, as long as you have fun. The music is a lot quieter than in a normal Zumba class to protect tiny ears!

I must firstly stress that there is no rush to get your body back after giving birth. I truly believe it should be a slow process that every individual takes at their own pace, and for me, it took at least a year and a half to feel fit again. But anything that makes you glow will start you in the right direction, and that’s what I hope to achieve.

I started going to Zumba classes 7 months after the birth of my daughter when my fitness was understandably low. So many strange things happen to your body after pregnancy and birth – fatigue, crazy hormones – not to mention the more obvious healing, but for me the biggest problem was my back. I suffered with SPD in pregnancy and lifting my daughter constantly meant I thought my back would never feel the same. 

Zumba is based on Latin rhythms and dance moves, and the reason why this was beneficial for me and my battered body 7 months after giving birth was because, like yoga, these dances primarily engage the core muscles of your trunk. Wiggling your hips (while seeming frivolous!) engages abdominal, oblique and lower back muscles that all experience huge changes in pregnancy and birth and need re-awakening. More than that though, throwing myself around a hall, getting sweaty and laughing with other mums just helped me rebuild my confidence, and being able to do all of this with my daughter watching me from her pram (sometimes with a bemused expression, but more often bouncing away to the beat) just made all the difference. I think that having my daughter watch me do something positive for myself, that clearly made me smile and raised my energy levels for the rest of the day, is what made me train to teach Zumba. 

First class half price (£3) and second as well if you bring a friend. Make sure everything is OK with your GP at your 6 week check at the very least, and please do contact me before attending.

Jenny Curling, 07921 628522 or zumbabyjennyc@gmail.com

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