The Whistler – February 2014

West Hill Conservation Area


The picture above shows the recycling bins in Buckingham Road. When The Whistler printed edition went to press on 19 January, the usual weekend build-up of bottles and recycling detritus was in full swing. Bill and Maria Eady, used to enjoy living in Buckingham Road but their lives have changed since the recycling bins have been placed right outside their door. When they are not full to bursting, crashing bottles being dumped in the bins at all hours of the day and night are a familiar sound. Since then, the bottle bin has been removed altogether and relocated to Buckingham Street.

On the Letters page Councillor Pete West provides a lame response to the issue of non-collection since the Christmas  period. The point is that since  weekly kerbside collections in West Hill were replaced by the woefully inadequate collection from communal bins, has anyone from the council actually monitored the required frequency of collection to prevent the West Hill conservation area from regularly looking like a slum?

While flat roofs are refused planning permission by the council  for being ‘visually harmful’, the same council’s actions have allowed this visually horrific situation to build up. However, residents must also take some responsibility for adding to the rubbish piles. Do we think about walking a bit further to find another bin or taking our recycling home until the bins are empty?  Do we just curse the council and toss the recycling into the non-recycling bin anyway as we’re on our way somewhere else?

Write to The Whistler and tell us what you think.

Craft Works @ Compton


From March-December 2014, we will be holding a monthly art & craft fair in the Hall. The event will take place on the second Saturday in the month from 11am-3pm.

The Hall will be bursting with creativity, as well as customers, we trust, selling unique, quality, handcrafted goods. The range of items for sale will include stained glass, photographs, cards, cakes, ceramics, hats, homewares, knitted and felted items, retro and handmade jewellery, antiques and bric-à-brac, mosaics and much, much more.

PLEASE COME ALONG and support this new venture and find unusual, locally crafted goods on your doorstep and meet the makers.

Vinod and Meena of Bright News are kindly sponsoring this event and will be providing refreshments.
If you are interested in booking a stall, please contact 725141.

Dorothy Lamb


Dear Editor
In response to Steve Percy’s ‘News from the People’s Parking Protest’ article in the last edition of The Whistler, it’s not a “blanket” 20 mph scheme and never has been. The council very clearly excluded a long list of roads from this recent consultation. Pro-motoring people continue to repeat this incorrect “blanket” description despite the facts. Most residents want 20 mph outside their front doors.

Becky Reynolds

Dear Whistler Readers
We are very sorry for any recent disruption with the bins. Our crews are working hard, but the Christmas and New Year period invariably involves a lot of catch-up work in January, and they have also been working in terrible weather conditions which hasn’t helped.
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Brighton Science Festival

The 2014 Brighton Science Festival promises to liven up your drab February, whether you want to dip your toe or dive headfirst into the world of science.

BrightSparksBright Sparks, a family fun, two days of exciting activities for curious minds, kicks off the Festival. Packed half term and evening programmes feature Raspberry Pi, Lego robots, Festival of the Spoken Nerd, and Wendy Hall on the dark side of the web, whilst B.Radical lets teens loose at the Brighton Youth Centre.
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Could you help us to make our community voice heard  and become a Healthwatch Brighton and Hove Volunteer?

Healthwatch Brighton and Hove helps local people and their communities to influence the design, delivery and improvement of their local health and social care services now and for the future. We enable people to make informed choices about their health and wellbeing; and assist them when they have concerns and complaints about these services.
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