The Whistler – April 2014


The Annual General Meeting of the West Hill Community Association, at which the accounts will be adopted and committee elected, will be held on Tuesday 29 April 2014 at the West Hill Hall at 7.15pm. Nominations for the committee must be seconded and sent with the written consent of the nominee to the Hall. The business of the meeting will be followed by our perennial favourite, the Quiz. Refreshments and bonhomie free. All are welcome.

The Association was sorry to hear of the recent death of Rhona Gregory of Compton Avenue, who was a member for many years and who regularly helped Pam Bean with the Grand Sales that used to take place in the Hall, and who also volunteered to help with the Association’s accounts. We shall miss her greatly and we send our warm wishes to her husband, Robert.

The green shoots of Spring are beginning to break through and we welcome Stephen, a new member to the Wildlife Garden Club, where residents can potter around in the Hall garden just because they like to see things grow!

The Festival and the Fringe Festival get underway in May and we are fortunate to have so many events near our doorstep at St Michael’s church.

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In 1989 The Whistler December issue included a full size cartoon by Steve Bell…

Dog 001It was recognised that the issue of dog nuisance on West Hill pavements was a very serious one, affecting everybody and from the number of times it was raised at the Association’s Annual General Meeting, it was seen to be one that was close to everyone’s heart, (or perhaps their sole).

The Brighton Good Dog Campaign started with a leaflet through everybody’s letter box, naming West Hill Community Association as a sponsor. The intention was to install a poop bin and pay for it to be emptied for a year, at an estimated cost of £250. In order to raise funds the Committee asked Steve Bell to design a poster which could be sold. Steve Bell is known nationally as a prolific cartoonist, published in The Guardian. As you can see, Steve did an excellent job. He produced the poster in a limited edition and it was used to raise funds and get the message across the dog owners.

The Whistler still has one of the posters in the office, but unfortunately, as you will see from the letter below, we still have the same old problem with the owners. Don’t blame the dogs.

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Fringe Festival @ St Michael’s and All Angels

Every weekend in May there’s an impressive list of concerts at St Michael’s and All Angels church.

Shin Suzuma (piano), Benedict Cruft (violin), Ellie Blackshaw (violin), Raija Walker (piano), Simon Ballard (piano), Sussex Flutes, Pavlos Carvalho, (cello), Ambrose Page (piano), Marianne Wright (soprano), Gabriel Jones (piano) and Richard Toms (organ) are the artists who will be performing solo or ensemble concerts from 3 May until 1 June as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival.

Music by Debussy Liszt, Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Beethoven, Schumann, Wolf.

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Music for Youth

Il Nuovo Chiaroscuro   (R.Piwko)
Il Nuovo Chiaroscuro (R.Piwko)
Brighton Early Music Festival (BREMF) Community Choir is joining forces with three local primary schools and a professional Brass Quartet – Il Nuovo Chiaroscuro – to perform Henry Purcell’s Funeral Music for Queen Mary, together with instrumental music by English composer Matthew Locke and Venetian composer Giovanni Gabrieli in a concert on Thursday 3 April 2014 at 4.30pm at Brighton & Hove Junior School, Radinden Manor Road, BN3 6NH. The aim of the event is to raise funds for Music For Youth, a national music education charity that provides free access to performance and audience opportunities for young musicians.

The Musical Director is Andrew Robinson and Assistant Conductor is Joe Paxton. The Producer is Kat Carson. or email
Adult cost: £10 / £5 (concessions)
Tickets can be ordered in advance by contacting Andrew Robinson on 01273 480868 or via the BREMF website (address above). Any unsold tickets will be available for purchase at the door.

The Building of England

From awe-inspiring Norman castles to semi-detached suburbia, the chief executive of English Heritage explores how the architecture of this small island has influenced the world.

How have the buildings of England evolved over 1000 years? What do they reveal about the beliefs and aspirations of the people who commissioned them, built them and lived in them? And how have structural techniques and aesthetic taste adapted and developed over the centuries?

In this fascinating talk, Simon Thurley puts into context the significance of a country’s architectural history and unearths how it is inextricably linked to the cultural past – and present.

Wed 14 May, 8pm , St Michael & All Angels Church. Tickets £10