The Whistler – April 2014


The Annual General Meeting of the West Hill Community Association, at which the accounts will be adopted and committee elected, will be held on Tuesday 29 April 2014 at the West Hill Hall at 7.15pm. Nominations for the committee must be seconded and sent with the written consent of the nominee to the Hall. The business of the meeting will be followed by our perennial favourite, the Quiz. Refreshments and bonhomie free. All are welcome.

The Association was sorry to hear of the recent death of Rhona Gregory of Compton Avenue, who was a member for many years and who regularly helped Pam Bean with the Grand Sales that used to take place in the Hall, and who also volunteered to help with the Association’s accounts. We shall miss her greatly and we send our warm wishes to her husband, Robert.

The green shoots of Spring are beginning to break through and we welcome Stephen, a new member to the Wildlife Garden Club, where residents can potter around in the Hall garden just because they like to see things grow!

The Festival and the Fringe Festival get underway in May and we are fortunate to have so many events near our doorstep at St Michael’s church.

Read all about the campaign to save Brighton Hippodrome here on The Whistler

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