Day: August 2, 2014

Letters to The Whistler

Dear Editors Firstly I would like to say I’m an avid regular reader of The Whistler. I love the local history and personal stories that you bring to life and so I’m pleased that The Whistler exists and that you share so many interesting stories with the residents of […]

The Animal Dispensary

Continuing the story of life in the Seven Dials by Tony Hill… As if 100 dogs weren’t enough, we had two cats, both female, Toodles, a purebred Siamese, and Popsy, a tortoise-shell and white. Toodles was brought in to the pet shop as a kitten for treatment. I’d […]

Lessons from History

Dear Editors Surely those who ‘die for their country’ are entitled to know why? It is understandable The Whistler should join the mass media publicity celebrating the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War by offering a brief overview of the ‘major new exhibition at […]

Isn’t it Romantic?

Peter Batten has Romantic thoughts… Do you know that beautiful song from the 1930s? It always reminds me of those years in the 1950s when I was learning to play jazz. There were certain songs that I wanted to be able to play and this song was high […]