Letters to The Whistler

Dear Editors

Firstly I would like to say I’m an avid regular reader of The Whistler. I love the local history and personal stories that you bring to life and so I’m pleased that The Whistler exists and that you share so many interesting stories with the residents of the Dials, a place I am proud to say I live.

I read the article entitled ‘The Animal Dispensary’ with particular interest. Tony Hill’s story was very amusing and honest, and I love stories about naughty kids, probably because I was one myself! I could picture the scenes of swinging dogs and escaping terriers very vividly indeed. Can you imagine the scene around the Dials as 100 dogs ran for freedom?

For some reason my first inclination is to congratulate the perpetrators of minor childhood crimes. So, well done to Tony and please thank him for sharing his yarn.

My interest goes further, as you might have guessed. As a current resident of 42 Dyke Road I was fascinated to see that my current house used to be known as the Animal Dispensary. This might go some way to explain the unsettled nature of my poor cat, who now lives in Bristol. I was hoping through this email to request one of two things. If possible and, if Tony Hill agrees, I would like somehow to obtain a copy of the picture printed alongside the article, perhaps an original or a good copy exists and if so I would like permission to copy the picture at one of our local photography shops. I would also be very interested to know if Tony has other memories or photographs of his time in the Animal Dispensary and, if so, I would be fascinated to hear about them.

Please keep up the good work. All the best

James Caulfield

Thanks James – we continue Tony’s tales of the Seven Dials here and there will be one more episode about Nina’s Florist and The Dials Vegetable Market in the October edition – Ed.

Dear Editors

Please see a copy of a letter I sent recently to Lizzie Deane, the local councillor.

Dear Lizzie

P1060413(1024x768)P1060412(1024x768) (2)

I attach two photos taken by me on Saturday. It is bad enough having rubbish dumped next to the communal bins but when residents (or, probably, builders in this case) leave six inch nails projecting at eye level from planks of wood, I really think a more determined effort needs to be made by BHCC to catch offenders. If CCTV and an army of agents has been used to enforce parking rules, surely a similar effort can be made to prevent what is not merely a matter of public amenity, but also a serious issue of public safety. May I ask you to forward this email to the appropriate officers meanwhile?

PS As I was taking the photos a BHCC truck came to remove the dumped rubbish. It is re-assuring that checks are made like this from time to time but unless offenders are caught, and others deterred, the problem will soon be completely out of hand.

Jim Gowans, Compton Avenue


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