The Whistler – August 2014

Illustration by Bruce Angrave
Summer’s Here – Strike up the Band


West Hill and the Seven Dials are steeped in the history and stories of residents, past and present, and we are enjoying publishing Tony Hill’s memories of hi

s childhood in the Seven Dials (thanks to Chris Berry for sending them to us) and were tickled to receive a letter from James Caulfield, the present occupant of 42 Dyke Road.

Have you ever thought about who lived in your house before you did?   Do you have any memories to share with us so we can share them with the great Whistler readership?

In Features we report that the Brighton Toy and Model Museum is embarking on a 2-year project to collect memories from residents about dolls, teddy bears and construction toys.

The Whistler’s mission for the last 30 plus years has been to share news and views of local residents. We’d love to hear from you.


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