Hello, Hello, Hello

Sussex Police is opening its doors and inviting you to see what happens in a variety of policing departments across the force.

From 9am on Friday 10 October until 9am on Saturday 11 October you can watch them at work in a 24-hour live stream on their website.

During the broadcast, members of the public who won a competition will have the chance to interview the chosen units live on air. Those units include: The Major Crime Team, responsible for investigating all homicides committed in Surrey and Sussex.

Dog Unit, canine crime fighters who safeguard the people of Sussex. Explosives sniffer spaniels, crime-busting Belgian shepherds and their specialist Dog Handlers will be taking questions.

Neighbourhood Response Team (NRT) are the officers most likely come into contact with the public after they call 999. It is the responsibility of NRTs to attend incidents, deal with the caller, investigate lines of immediate enquiry and make arrests. Watch them respond to emergency calls.

The work of Crime Scene Investigators (CSIs) will be familiar to fans of TV crime dramas; their work is to preserve and investigate the valuable evidence at a crime scene, leading to the conviction of an offender.


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