Slow Down

At this time of year the days rush by with either preparations for Christmas or plans to avoid it. Slow down and enjoy the prospect of a few days rest…

  1. Spend 10 mins a day doing absolutely nothing, alone, particularly before a meal.
  2. The Portuguese have a saying. ‘Think of many things, do one.’
  3. Take your name off junk mail lists, contact the Mailing Preference Service on 0207 291 3310 or
  4. For 2015 buy presents and cards when you see them throughout the year
  5. Hang clothes up when you take them off; take clothes you have not worn for 2 years to a charity shop
  6. Train all members of your household to do their share of chores
  7. Keep your mobile phone switched off occasionally – see if you can
  8. Leave a party early if it is turgid; put some sparkle into it if it is just not fun
  9. Drive in the slow lane
  10. Say No more, say Yes often




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