A Fool’s Guide to Playing

From February 14 an exciting new acting class is being held every Saturday morning in West Hill Hall. It will cover Playing in many areas (script, movement, physical, character) and include Improvised Theatre inspired by the Archetype of Fool. Telling the story of the moment, in the land where anything is possible, from the irreverent to the sacred. From the daft to the deep. From the hilarious to the hallowed.

With playful exercises, these sessions stretch your acting muscles and offer new ways to play, create and perform. Come and develop your palette and tools, play with a broader set of choices, and find more freedom to act, both on stage, and in life. We will learn through exercises, games and more about:

  • Giving licence to your imagination
  • Using your whole body & voice
  • Making it up
  • Working in ensemble
  • Using rhythms to amplify sensitivity
  • Being with an audience
  • Playfulness
  • Listening/responding to the moment
  • Exploring your emotional range
  • Coming back and developing a characte
  • Incorporating your personal experience in the moment
  • Storytelling
  • Working with text
  • Becoming non-human
  • Failing and falling
  • Taking risks
  • Sustaining an act
  • Accepting offers

Something Underground Theatre also regularly casts for productions and enthusiastic participants may want to explore getting involved.

Jonathan Brown is an award-winning writer, performer, director and coach / teacher. He is Artistic Director of Something Underground Theatre Company which regularly picks up awards at the Brighton Fringe.

Sessions run every Saturday morning, starting from 14 February between 10:00am and 1.00pm.  They cost £10 per session, with £8 concession, (drop-ins welcome) and £50 for a run of 6 sessions.

More info: mail@jonathan-brown.co.uk; tel: 07879-832857; www.jonathan-brown.co.uk




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