WW1 Graphic Novel

graphicwarBrighton & Hove’s QueenSpark Books (the longest community-run book publisher in the country) will be delivering, with support from Arts Council England, a two-year WWI project in which young people (aged between 15-25) will create a fictional, Brighton-based WWI Graphic Novel. Following on from the success of its previous publication ‘Brighton: The Graphic Novel’ which is still a bestseller and was long-listed for the 2014 British Comic Awards, the WWI project will use the history of Brighton & Hove as its starting point.
From March 2015, young people aged 15-25 will be recruited as writers and artists. No previous experience is necessary, but a commitment to working as part of a team for one year is required. The young people will also be supported to achieve their Silver Arts Award as part of their involvement.

A full colour graphic novel featuring the work of sixteen young people will be published by QueenSpark in Autumn 2016.

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