The First Steps to Change

First Feet Holistic Emporium in Dyke Road offers you holistic solutions to your ills. We have been in the Seven Dials for three years and our aim is to help you make the changes you dream about in your life. As they say, “Don’t dream it, do it”. People may ask why take the holistic approach to life and what does ‘holistic’ mean?

Holistic means you are a whole person made up of mind, body and spirit. When this is out of balance ailments, depression or stress can manifest as illness. It is widely recognised that 75% per cent of all illness is stress-related. The holistic approach can be used for healing or prevention, reducing stress and bringing the body back into balance.

First Feet believes the best way is to start with reflexology and all the rest will follow. Your feet lead the way through life. The feet are a mirror of the body: as we detox the body system, releasing adrenal energy – the back-up generator – boosting the immune system, you will come back into balance mentally, physically and emotionally.

Balance enables the changes we need and want to make with ease. We have a reflexologist on site every day. We also offer other therapies, exercise groups, meditation and creative writing groups. We want to help you make your health and life the best it can possibly be. Change comes when you take responsibility for your own well being.

Jacqui Levene                                  


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