West Hill Watch

Jim Gowans’ West Hill Watch…

Street Survey

In February Councillor Lizzie Deane, together with a senior Projects Manager from the City Council and local residents, spent a morning walking the West Hill. The group identified a range of problems: damaged trees, blocked roadside drains, incorrectly positioned satellite dishes and illegal estate agents boards, all of which detract from the character of the conservation area. Sites for communal bins which have minimal impact on those living nearby were also considered, whilst it was also noted, with some dismay, that some residents continue to dump rubbish and unwanted furniture on pavements rather than disposing of such items more thoughtfully.

Flint Wall Restored

It is pleasing to note that the boundary wall between the new development at 31-33 Bath Street and Beau House has been beautifully restored by the builders (Natterjack Construction). This will further enhance the Bath Street environment which will be much improved once the shops with flat above are completed and, it must be hoped, occupied!

Street Signs Stolen

The attractive metal street sign in Clifton Street Passage has been ripped off the wall and has disappeared. Similar signs have gone missing from Denmark Terrace and Upper North Street in the Montpelier and Clifton Hill area and it must be assumed that thieves are re-selling them as collectable items. They are certainly much more attractive than the crude plastic signs with which the City Council is replacing them. These are not only inappropriate in the conservation area but also clutter the pavement as they are freestanding rather than fixed to a wall.

Removal of Parking Meters

At last there is hope that some clutter at least will be cleared from our streets. The introduction of “pay by phone” parking charges may result in the removal of some unlovely parking meters. Cynics might think that this is just to make room for even more out-sized telecommunication cabinets, however.

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