Following a Trail of public art

Got itchy feet? Eager to explore new parts of the city? Can’t wait for the WHCA Treasure Hunt on 19 July? How about discovering some forgotten trails of public art? Public art has played an important role in the visual make-up of Brighton & Hove since the first commission in 1992. Here’s one example, the Hove Experience. Actually, it’s rather good.

hove footbridgeHove Station Footbridge

Catch the train, the no. 7 bus, walk or cycle from Brighton station to Hove train station where you will find the light and stencil installation on Hove Station Footbridge, which was transformed in 2007 into a Victorian style palm house with the introduction of soft lighting and parlour palms stencilled onto the painted green walls. Continue reading Following a Trail of public art

What did you do in the war? Part 2

Peter Batten continues his memories of a terrifying time…

First I need to retrace my steps a little. As soon as war was declared in September 1940 children were evacuated from London. But not every child. Some parents, including mine, decided that their children would not be evacuated. Probably their thinking was, “If we are going to die we will all die together”. This may surprise you, but I am sure it is true.

In 1939 I had begun piano lessons. My teacher, who had an eye for opportunities, opened a small school in his house for children remaining in London. This was a happy little unit of about 8 boys, which I attended until the Blitz began and we departed for Essex. Continue reading What did you do in the war? Part 2

West Hill Memories

From The Whistler archives …

News of the Newsletter

From Nov 1978, when it was called West Hill Community Association Newsletter.

Readers might be interested to learn how the newsletter is put together, printed and distributed. At the first meeting, those with typewriters (3 or 4 people) type up contributions that have been handed in, such as letters, news items, events, ads and everything else you read. Other people at the meeting read through the copy, offer advice, correct the proofs, and generally discuss what’s going into print. If there is time the copy is arranged on 4 large pieces of paper that make up the 4 pages. Continue reading West Hill Memories

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

The last great picture
Winner: ‘The last great picture’ by Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols


There is a marvellous exhibition at Brighton Museum until 6 September. The world-renowned exhibition features 100 awe-inspiring photographs. From the majesty of a pride of lions to the tiniest of spiders, the images show nature in its most elemental and challenge our perceptions of the world of wildlife. Many of the photographs explore the effect of environmental change on nature and some of the most endangered species in the wild. Continue reading Wildlife Photographer of the Year