West Hill Memories

From The Whistler archives …

News of the Newsletter

From Nov 1978, when it was called West Hill Community Association Newsletter.

Readers might be interested to learn how the newsletter is put together, printed and distributed. At the first meeting, those with typewriters (3 or 4 people) type up contributions that have been handed in, such as letters, news items, events, ads and everything else you read. Other people at the meeting read through the copy, offer advice, correct the proofs, and generally discuss what’s going into print. If there is time the copy is arranged on 4 large pieces of paper that make up the 4 pages.

At the next meeting, which is paste-up night, stop press items are added, everything is arranged and stuck on. The headings and the pretty patterns are also added. Usually two people do one page, one gluing, one sticking. The finished sheets are then taken down to the Resources Centre where a cheque is handed in for the printing of the newsletter. This is then done by the printer who leaves the pile of 2100 ready for folding. This is done by one member of the newsletter group by pushing sheets through a machine and hey presto, there they are, all folded! The next job is the distribution. At the moment there are two people coping with this. They put them into bundles according to the numbers needed by the street reps. Finally, the street reps receive their bundles and deliver them to you. After Christmas, we are having a workshop at the Hall to get your views and ideas about the content and format of the newsletter.

[These days we don’t have to stick things by hand, but 37 years later we’re still looking for feedback – Ed]

West Hill Watch Dog

From November 1978

I boarded the bus at Preston Circus and asked for Compton Avenue. Out came the ticket – 13p. I was staggered, 6p to the Dials and another 7p for the next 100 yards? I was, indeed, so annoyed, (though more, I confess, by the grin on the driver’s face) that I phoned the bus station for verification.

“It’s true, the 9 penny fares have been abolished” said the Inspector, “It is an unfortunate anomaly, but one can save a penny by booking to the Dials and take another 6 penny from there.”

Seeing that it’s 116 yards, takes 2 minutes to walk or 28 seconds on a stopping bus, I am thinking of claiming that West Hill has the dearest bus trip in the world, and get it in the Guinness Book of Records. Where else could you pay at the rate of £1.06 per mile?

Wine Making

Chris Mills, April 1980

I hope wine-makers are cutting out and saving my recipes. Now, another good wine and as cheap as possible.

Ingredients: 5lbs pea pods, 2¾lbs sugar, 3 tsp citric acid, 1tsp ammonium sulphate, 1 vitamin B tablet, ¼lb sultanas, Vierka or similar yeast

Method (for one gallon):
Wash pods well and remove every pea
Boil pods until tender
Strain but do not press. Stir in the sugar
When cool, add in the other ingredients including the sugar
Keep for 9 months
The wine will be like a German hock – a delicate table wine. If you can keep the wine longer than 9 months, so much the better.

[I wonder how this wine would score in a blind tasting? See our latest wine column, Blind Tasting, June 2015 – Ed]

Dame FloraFloraRobson

Pam Bean, July 1984

We were saddened in West Hill Community Association to hear of the death of our well-loved Dame, Flora Robson. Dame Flora, a highly acclaimed actress, had been a good friend to WHCA since its inception; she had opened fairs for us, supported our Bingo and joined us at the Christmas lunch. Many of us have happy memories of her, not least her childlike glee when she won at Bingo. We are indeed privileged to have known such a talented and gracious lady, and we send our sympathy to her sister Margaret.

West Hill Wildlife

Martin Hunkin September 1992

Animal lovers in West Hill are not sorry that their Member of Parliament, Julian Amery, has decided to call it a day. Despite pleas by many of his constituents, Julian did not support the recent Wild Mammals (Protection) Bill, which failed to gain a second reading by only 12 votes. The Bill would have saved foxes, deer and hares from being torn apart by hounds and made barbarous acts like nailing a squirrel or hedgehog to a tree illegal. Many residents who lobbied the MP were disappointed to receive a printed postcard saying their comments had been noted.
You may think that West Hill is not exactly noted for its wildlife. But there have been some surprising visitors: a fox was recently spotted in Dyke Road at 2am and hungry squirrels have been searching for food in Clifton Road.

[Gary from Buckingham Rd worries for the safety of his cat after he recently saw a fox in this area – Ed, 2015]

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