West Hill Treasure Hunt

For the third year running, we will be holding our annual Treasure Hunt, with lots of cash prizes at stake for those lucky winners who complete the course in record time and/or come up with a suitably intriguing team name.

Once again, Batwoman and Robin of the West Hill, aka Dorothy and Mr Jackson, have combined to create a curious concoction of cryptic conundrums to captivate (or at least de-code). Some easy, some not so easy. Suitable for the whole family (dogs very, very welcome) or a team of friends to join in and spend an enjoyable Sunday afternoon seeing/learning/exploring more of the local area.

The event will be held on Sunday 19 July. Meet at West Hill Hall at 1.45pm and set off from 2pm (entry £1 per adult, 50p per child). The Hall is booked and a sunny afternoon has been ordered for your comfort and enjoyment.

Vinod and Meena from Bright News will be kindly providing refreshments.

Cash prizes to be won, including a prize for the best team name and one for the smartest dog (in IQ or appearance).


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