Know My Neighbour

The Whistler has celebrated the West Hill neighbourhood over the years, and many residents make an effort to get to know their neighbours, including holding Street Parties and closing off roads for the day. If you’re interested in next year’s initiative to heighten awareness, then we’d love to hear from you.

One Church Brighton is developing a new initiative with those who are passionate about reaching out to socially isolated residents in Brighton & Hove called ‘Know My Neighbour’. If everyone in Brighton & Hove knew their neighbour then, as a city, we could eradicate social isolation. It appears most people want to know their neighbours but some need a reason to do so.

From 21 May 2016 there will be a citywide ‘Neighbour Week’ to heighten the importance of neighbourliness and provide neighbours with the perfect reason to get to know their neighbours.

If you want to get involved in Know My Neighbour Week in May 2016 email or to discuss ideas for local West Hill neighbour initiatives.

Compton Avenue Street Party 2015

Compton AvenueCompton Avenue neighbours doing what they do best – sitting around having a chat at their annual street party in June, where fun, food and stories were shared.



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