New at the Hall

Dragon Style Kung Fu

Fridays 6.00pm – 7.30pm

The Dragon Martial Arts Association provides authentic, traditional Chinese kung fu, tai chi and qi gong instruction for students of all ages and abilities. Personally sanctioned by the Dragon Sign Athletic Association and the Cheung Kwok Tai Wushu Association in Hong Kong, the DMAA has close relationships with other associations worldwide, including China, US, Canada, UK, France and Australia.

Featured in The Metro and on BBC TV, for more information, see

For more information about classes at West Hill Hall please email or call Jon on 07969 459171

Body & Mind Project

Wednesdays from 2 September 3.00pm – 5.00pm

If you’re anxious, stressed or depressed find out how a combination of mindfulness and light physical exercise can nourish mental, physical and emotional health by joining the Body and Mind Project for a new 8 week course at West Hill Hall. Costing £40, the programme includes a full course of mindfulness therapy and a series of 1 hour health walks. A holistic approach to health care has a hugely positive effect on mental and physical well-being.

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