Room to Grow

Most of the residents in Brighton & Hove are familiar with the lack of housing the city has to offer. Whilst the majority of people find somewhere safe to live, the same can’t be said of some vulnerable young people. The children’s charity Barnardo’s and a number of Brighton residents are trying to prevent this from happening by finding new homes for young people at risk of living on the streets.

Olly Davidson, the Service Manager, said: “Brighton & Hove is a special city full of generous spirited people. We are pleased to be working with some of these generous people to offer a second chance to some of the city’s young people who don’t have anywhere else to go”.

FemaleCookingThe scheme was started at the end of 2014 alongside Brighton & Hove City Council with the aim of supporting young people who may be homeless, or leaving the care system. Together with the council, the charity offers supported lodgings to help vulnerable young people make a smooth transition to independent living. Eddie Miller, 78, a Brighton & Hove Supported Lodgings host said: “I can see it’s a very good idea to have young care leavers staying with a family, so they can learn to budget, cook and live on their own.”

Barnardo’s is looking for volunteers to open their doors to young people who are at risk of being homeless by offering them a safe and secure place to live. The service is looking for individuals or families across Brighton and Hove to provide a home for 16 to 21 year-olds, along with emotional care, practical advice and confidence building to boost self-sufficiency. Hosts will receive round-the-clock assistance; a dedicated key worker; a comprehensive training programme; an allowance of £150 per week.

Lyn Lynch, a Brighton & Hove Supported Lodgings host said: “There are lots of expectations on this generation and not all of them are helpful or good. We can show these young people that they are important and valued and they can have their own goals and expectations and they don’t have to conform…and can make a difference in the world”.

If you would like more information about becoming a Supported Lodgings host, contact Olly or Lauren on 01273 412010, email or follow @bhovelodgings on Twitter.


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