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Fun in Action for Children

FunFun in Action for Children is a small registered charity providing a one-on-one befriending service to children from disadvantaged lone-parent families in Brighton.

The work of the charity involves recruiting, assessing training and supporting reliable and trustworthy adult volunteers from the local community to befriend children on a long-term basis and provide them with the extra support, encouragement and opportunities they need to help overcome their difficulties and fulfil their potential.

Parental unemployment, poor housing, social isolation and a lack of family or friendship support networks are common issues for all the families referred to the charity for help.

For the children these issues can mean they have little or no opportunity to develop their interests; most face problems at school, many have low self-esteem and no confidence and have difficulties in relationships with others.

Over time a befriender can offer a close supportive friendship which, time and again, we see can make a huge positive difference to both the child and the family.

To find out more about Fun in Action or to enquire about volunteering please get in touch with us on 01273 559794, email us at or visit our website at

Big Lemon Bonds

Brighton’s most recognisable bus company, The Big Lemon, is looking to raise £100,000 which, along with a government grant, will allow them to purchase their first fully electric bus. They are offering a 6% two-year bond and hope members of the local community will invest. For more information about how you can receive a better return than from the banks see Closing date is 29 February.

[Has David Foot, our financial guru,  read this page yet? – Ed]

Desk spaces in Brighton

Desk spaces are available for eco-preneurs and freelancers, centrally located opposite Brighton Station. Join a thriving and innovative green work-hub. Call 07979 321 998 to find out more.

Read all About it

Brighton & Hove City Council will get less funding from central government over the next few years, and has to consider how to make savings while still providing statutory services like Libraries. The council has carried out a detailed review of library services and there are a number of key proposals based on the findings that include:

  • Providing access to libraries for seven days a week across the city with a mix of staffed and unstaffed days
  • Moving Hove Library to Hove Museum site to create a new Community Cultural Centre for Hove
  • Increasing the use of volunteers

The council would like you to consider the proposals and share your views via the online questionnaire. Please visit: Paper versions of the consultation questionnaire are available in all Brighton & Hove Libraries.



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