Play Streets

Whistler-editorial-NOV21-2015Play Streets are being encouraged by the Council in Brighton & Hove and WHCA would like to hear what you think about them. They involve regular times on specific days when a road becomes pedestrian priority.

Adults ‘close’ the road each end, allowing children and adults to come out and chat/play. If a resident needs to get in or out of the road in their car then they can do so, driving at walking pace, accompanied by an adult. Other cars are stopped from driving through. Following a meeting at West Hill Hall in January to discuss ideas for making Play Streets happen in the West Hill area, some residents will be canvassing opinion in the area door-to-door (when it finally stops raining).

Whether you are for the idea of Play Streets, or think the idea of interacting with neighbours does not need to be forced; welcome the idea of facilitating communication for those who are less confident in approaching other people; or believe there are other ways to limit traffic in the area –  have your say, and please write to The Whistler to tell us what you think.


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