Welcome Seven Cellars

The Whistler welcomes a new shop to the Seven Dials – so we now we have another choice, apart from supermarkets, for where to buy our wine, and receive personal and knowledgeable service at the same time…

SevenCellarsSeven Cellars is a new independent wine shop and tap room at the heart of Brighton’s Seven Dials district. The owners are two local people, Louise Oliver, a wine business graduate from Plumpton College and wine importer; and Anna Lowe, an expert in German box manufacturing technology (yes really!), who, having enjoyed many good bottles of wine together, could not resist the chance to open a new business in an originally tiled 19th Century shop (one of the old Tinkers shops on Dyke Road).

“We are a partnership between two lady owners who love living in Brighton and want to bring the nicest drinks that both the world and Sussex has to offer to the local community in Seven Dials. We want to play a full role in local life and are here with an extremely long term view. We very much look forward to getting to know our customers, making plenty of new friends, and getting involved with events and social activities in the area.

“The quality of wine, beer, and spirits being made around the world today is absolutely amazing, there are so many good things to taste that it seems absurd to us that so many shops and bars are still offering the same old, same old or something that matches their profit margin with the minimum of effort. Modern technology and the passion and sheer hobby horse persistence of people making wines, beers and spirits has had an exponential impact on quality, and the best of it is that Brighton gets a new string to its bow by being slap bang in the middle of an amazing new global region for high-end wine and, increasingly, beer, wine and spirits too.

“The aim of Seven Cellars is to give local people a better choice of drinks from everyday prices through to treats for special occasions. We want people to come in and taste our beer and cider from the barrel, and take a punt on some interesting looking wines that they may not have tried before. With their feedback and interest we can keep on improving the range, giving people even more of what they want. We look forward to seeing you soon.

We are open 11-8 Monday to Friday, 10-8 on Saturday, and 11-4 on Sunday for your Sunday lunch wine purchase!”


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